Whether you aim to measure and improve outcomes, advance care,  manage risk, or prove safety and effectiveness, you need credible, trusted evidence that supports data-driven decision making. We are healthcare and data science experts who transform data into high-quality, real-world insights that achieve measurable results.


Our approach and services have been successfully tested in a large Australian Public Hospital that generated a significant reduction in length of hospital stays and cost of care for children with complicated appendicitis.

Our Learning Healthcare System approach allows clinicians and institutions to leverage and reduce resources and infrastructure constraints in the establishment of Clinical Quality Registries. 

Ultimately the combination of efficient data capture and modern data science will provide better patient outcomes whilst reducing the cost of health care.


Realising a future where data drives the best

healthcare decisions

For Healthcare Providers

Data Dissect provides technology and services for the healthcare industry to manage clinical information and utilise it to improve the quality of patient care and reduce costs.

For Clinical Groups

Data Dissect clinical data platform is a secure, cloud-based clinical data capture and reporting system that allows major stakeholders in the healthcare industry to track, measure, and analyze clinical information.