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Delivering a future where data drives the best healthcare outcomes

Data Dissect makes data capture easy. Our cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform powers intelligent structured data collection along all points of the patient journey.


The Data Dissect Platform provides healthcare and data science experts with high-quality, real-time insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and improve measured outcomes.

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Using data to drive change

Developed by dedicated surgeons and healthcare professionals, our Data Dissect platform provides modern, smart data capture solutions for clinicians, patients and industry - to enable a future where data drives the best healthcare outcomes. 

Powering learning healthcare systems for clinical registries, it is fully configurable to ensure a fit for purpose solution with end-to-end service capability. 

The Data Dissect platform can be licensed and deployed without paying for extensive development, testing, infrastructure and management costs - making it a truly cost-effective solution for any size project.


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Our platform can be configured and rolled out much faster than other solutions on the market, with topics configured within weeks, not months.


Time to Market

Our platform is scalable to support up to millions of patients and aligns to national and international clinical coding and data standards. 



The platform can draw data from existing repositories, including electronic medical records (EMRs), data lakes, and data warehouses to maximise the use of secondary data.


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The platform contains a patient portal, which enables extended engagement capabilities and allows for a comprehensive, longitudinal picture of patient treatment and outcomes.


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Rapid data sharing and feedback to clinicians, patients, hospitals, governments and other stakeholders. 


Sharing & Visibility

Use Cases

The Lily Registry

A cohort feasibility study aiming to improve patient care for inpatients who have been admitted to hospitals across South Australia with unstable medical conditions due to an eating disorder.

VITAL Registry

A registry to improve perimenopause and menopause health outcomes across Australia, co-creating real-world impact via knowledge development, research, education and policy improvements.  


Cardiac Rehab Especially for Women (CREW), is a person-centred, co-designed care pathway to meet the needs and preferences of Australian women living in rural and remote areas with cardiovascular disease.

ANZ Hernia Registry

Partnering with the ANZ Hernia Society to gather evidence to inform best practice in hernia repair - including tracking hernia mesh effectiveness, safety profile and more.

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