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Making Data Driven Improvements in Healthcare a Reality

Recent times have shown us that there is an urgent need for a next-generation clinical registry platform to deliver cost-effective real-time care tracking for disease management with widely shareable registry data sets. This next-generation registry needs to support multi-location and multi-clinician studies that seamlessly engage patients whilst also offering features like comparative effectiveness research and post marketing surveillance.

The Data Dissect Registry Platform provides a next-generation cloud-based clinical registry, a 'Learning Healthcare System'. User-friendly work automation tools that enable you to undertake research more efficiently and create the best patient outcomes for today and the future.

Realise a future where data drives the best healthcare decisions

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Data that drives care

Enable clinicians and health institutions in making data driven improvements in quality and efficiency of healthcare. Dramatically reduce the cost of clinical quality improvement activities from a local departmental level up to running of clinical quality registries.

Data that drives success

Data Dissect registry software is a secure and highly customisable data acquisition platform designed to work along side existing EMR's – with separate patient and clinician facing portals that can acquire all forms of health data, including ‘new health’ data from wearables and remote monitoring devices.

Data that drives innovation

Integrate  research into clinical practice and assess effects of clinical or administrative changes on patients' outcomes. Our platform is configurable and scalable to the level of complexity of data acquisition requirements and offered as a SAAS with PROM, PREM and PAM modules.

Gain the insights needed to understand how your product performs in clinical settings, in real time. Having a device on the market it's now time to understand how that device performs in the real-world.

With our analytics and registry solutions, you will gain actionable insights from trusted real-world evidence to support post-market research, enhance clinical trials, and guide regulatory strategy.

The Data Dissect platform is for

Medical Device Manufacturers

Demonstrate device effectiveness in large, diverse patient groups.

Identify risks, complications, and adverse outcomes as they arise.

Compare new products with existing options and the standard of care.

Have reliable evidence for data driven decision making at your fingertips. Drive patient engagement and improve clinical outcomes in a way that is not possible with an EMR.

Delivering high-value healthcare and succeeding with value based care requires more than dashboards and loads of data.

The Data Dissect platform is for

Clinicians and Health Insurance Providers

Embed research into your daily clinical life.

Optimise clinical performance and improve patient outcomes.

Understand your outcomes and achieve ongoing improvement.

Measurably improve patient care and outcomes.

Accelerate research and answer emerging questions.

Engage members with insights.

Achieve real results with your registry.

Drive patient engagement and improve clinical outcomes at any scale at a fair cost. Create reliable evidence for data driven decisions for your organisation. Find innovative solutions within data lakes.

The Data Dissect platform is for

Medical Speciality Societies & Associations

Accelerating Value Across Healthcare

The key benefits of a learning health system are in the provision of real time data to  support clinicians and offer improved care for patients.

You need to get to the meaningful performance insights that engage your clinician and patient communities, drive results, and deliver the value you need — when you need it.

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