Who we serve

Clinicians and Patients

Easy to access, reliable data

We believe that better data leads to better decisions and better outcomes. And better outcomes will lead to improved patient care.

The ability to collect data and compare results locally, regionally and nationally through detailed registry data has been proven to lead to reduced length of stay, fewer patient complications and reduced costs over time.  


The Data Dissect platform and analytics give you the tools to understand the outcomes, such as:

  • Variation reports for review and sharing

  • Analytics for your own analyses

  • Follow-up reporting with life tables to demonstrate longitudinal impact.

Medical Societies

Build. Grow. Sustain.


Medical professional societies play a critical role in quality improvement, product safety and efficiency, as well as reimbursement and payment reform decisions.  You need reliable data to identify trends within your specialty and to benchmark physician best practices. You need it to foster meaningful participation from your colleagues and to enhance your reputation for member service and industry leadership.

The clinical team at Data Dissect can guide you through the process.  From establishing the initial clinical registry vision and data definitions to growing membership and procedure volume, we have experience in helping medical societies to successfully develop, launch and market their registries.


In addition, we have become a partner in supporting research and industry projects through our dedicated project management teams. We offer:

  • Secure, web-based data collection and user-driven analytics for the foundation of member quality improvement initiatives.

  • Flexible technology that facilitates clinical research

  • Dedicated team to manage Industry sponsored projects

  • Sales and Marketing team to support hospital and clinic adoption

  • Extensive experience in operation and service levels to support your members


We provide a scalable, secure, interoperable, data management system to allow members to analyse real time data and variability and identify actionable improvements.


Your leadership, combined with the knowledge of your members, can firmly establish the credibility and support for a successful registry.


This can help them improve their quality of care, reduce costs, and impact policy decisions.

Market Surveillance

Clinical Trials

Data Dissect improves patient outcomes by:

  • Our system helps device manufacturers to understand outcomes of different device therapies

  • Clinical Trials Services include:

    • ​​ Increased compliance from participating clinicians in the data collection process – because of greater ability to collect data at point of care

    •  Participant connectivity – through ‘patient portal’ allowing more efficient tracking of  

    • Automated audits of data integrity – reducing the cost of tracking ‘who, when, and where was the relevant data enterd.

    • Reduced burden of document and record management for individual sites participating in clinical trials

    •  Live status updates from all participating sites – for trial monitors and lead investigators

    • PublicHealth Service Providers 

  • Our PREMS database also informs marketing and R&D in the earlier stages of device development.

  • Affordable SAAS solution that drives efficiency gains in healthcare delivery by:

    • Giving clinicians an ‘easy to use’ data entry and visualisation tool – for early recognition and remediation of unnecessary variation in care

    • Simultaneous collection of consumer feedback and patient co-participation in the healthcare delivery process

Data Dissect delivers experience, a true understanding of the process and a database capability that it gives tremendous flexibility to design new studies or provide robust mining and tailoring of data.