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Year 2018

  • Successful Proof of Concept within Public Hospital

  • Medtech Actuator investor

  • Artesian Medtech Fund investor

Year 2020

  • Agreement signed with ANZ Hernia Mesh Organisation for Registry

  • Partnership agreement signed with USA based CQ Insights

Year 2021

  • Idea Science technology and software investor

About us

Data Dissect's mission is to make data driven improvements in quality and cost of healthcare a reality.

A  goal was set more than 10 years ago by medical associations, that by 2020 at least 90% of clinical decisions will be supported by accurate, timely and up-to-date clinical information and will reflect the best available evidence. 

Today, less than 50% of clinical decisions are supported with evidence.


Deliver better healthcare outcomes and improve the lives of patients



Realise a future where data drives the best healthcare decisions

Tim Boucaut headshot

Tim Boucaut

Experienced executive able to craft visions from ideas and turn visions into reality. Experienced in strategy, business development, product and executive management roles.

Active investor and business advisor assisting Data Dissect grow build. An enthusiast with a love of environmental friendly electric engines - always looking for better and more efficient ways to solve problems.

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Rajita Alwis headshot

Rajita Alwis

Rajita Alwis LLB BCom CA FGIA  has over 25 years experience in the accounting profession and has provided company secretarial and CFO services to a number of ASX listed companies. She is highly experienced in governance, financial reporting, corporate advisory and corporate compliance.  

Rajita has significant experience working with Boards and Leadership teams to assist businesses in start-up phase and drive development and growth.  She works with groups to help deliver results through the effective planning and implementation of commercial strategies.  

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Peter Drum headshot

Peter Drum

A leader in the IT industry, with over 30 years’ experience delivering strategic advice and technical know-how to global organisations, from CRM systems to CX strategy to enterprise grade technology platforms. 

An excellent communicator, with deep understanding of complex technical challenges and business imperatives. 

Able to understand issues, build relationships with stakeholders and deliver solutions on projects large and small.

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Francois Duvenage headshot

Francois Duvenage

An innovative thinker, bringing creativity to bear on challenging and often ambiguous problems. Finding clarity in complexity. Passionate about working in the research and development environment and making a difference through supporting researchers to resolve problems that benefit industry and the community in:

  • raising the level of commercial awareness and skills within the research community

  • lead commercial technology transfer activities such as licensing negotiations and establishing startup companies

  • IP management and innovation

  • meeting other like-minded people

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Hilary Boucaut headshot

Dr Hilary Boucaut

Dr Hilary Boucaut, recently retired, has practised Paediatric Urology.

Hilary worked at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in the Department of Paediatric Urology-Surgery as a Consultant Surgeon.In addition to her public hospital commitments she consults at Paediatrics SA in the Memorial Hospital Consulting Suites and operates at Memorial Hospital. 

Hilary was the South Australian representative on the Board of Paediatric Surgery which acts on behalf of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons to coordinate the training of Paediatric Surgeons in Australia and New Zealand.

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Peter Hewett headshot

Prof Peter Hewett MBBS

Peter is a specialist colorectal surgeon with over 25 years clinical experience. Peter is head of the Colorectal Surgical Unit at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Adelaide. He has extensive experience in colonoscopy, major colonic and rectal resection for cancer and other conditions, Peter offers specialised treatment of anorectal problems including haemorrhoids and fistula. He has extensive experience in the treatment of faecal incontinence by Sacral Nerve Stimulation. Peter's other major clinical interest is the treatment of conditions such as Pseudomyxoma Peritoneii and abdominal mesothelioma via Peritonectomy and Heated Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC).

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Sanjeev Khurana headshot

Sanjeev Khurana


Senior Paediatric Surgeon with a long standing interest in clinical audit systems. Sanjeev represents South Australia on the Royal College of Surgeon’s ‘Board of Paediatric Surgical Training. Sanjeev is  a Certified Health i]Informatician ( Australian Institute of Digital Health)

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Decades of experience for a peace of mind

Data Dissect brings together clinical expertise, technology experience, and passion releasing a Learning Healthcare System.

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Our team provides tailored customer care to make the roll-out as seamless as possible

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Turning information into insight

Data Dissect is a health informatics company specialising in ‘Learning Healthcare Systems’ based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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